Terms of Use

We like to keep things as simple as possible for you when selling your items.

25% Commission + VAT

Our services start from just 25% Commission +VAT from the final sale price of your item!
No Sale, No Fee

We offer a No Sale, No Fee service on most items.

In the event your items remain unsold after the second listing we will notify you and you must collect these items. (See Terms & Conditions)
No Upfront Fees or Charges!

We don’t charge any upfront fees for our standard listing service, only for premium/custom auctions!
Special Discounted Rates

If you are selling lots of items or have an expensive item to sell then we may be able to offer you special discounted rates of commission. If you would like to discuss our rates or need any detail on our full terms and conditions please email


Terms & Conditions:

This Agreement explains the terms under which Collectables R Us Ltd (“We”) will auction your goods for you on eBay or other auction websites.
This Agreement is between you (the “Consignor”) and Collectables R Us Ltd (the “Consignee”). This is a legally binding agreement and you should therefore read it carefully before signing it or agreeing to the contents within it.
Description of our service:

We will only accept items that comply with the eBay rules. To see the eBay list of prohibited items, please visit Ebay.

Once we have confirmed that your goods comply with the eBay rules and meet our own acceptability criteria, we will list your goods on eBay or other auction websites for a duration of between 5 and 10 days at our discretion and will include one or more pictures plus a detailed description of your goods.

The Starting Price will be £0.99 and no Reserve Price will be imposed unless otherwise agreed in advance of the auction with us. Any item listed with a Reserve Price (minimum Reserve Price is £50) or a Starting Price higher than £0.99 will be catagorised as a Premium Auction and attract a handling fee of £5.00 plus 3% of the Reserve Price, payable in advance. This handling fee will be refunded if the item is successfully sold.

We will answer any questions from potential and actual bidders on your behalf and collect the Final Selling Price from the Winning Bidder.

Once payment is received, we will dispatch your goods to the Winning Bidder(s) or make them available for collection from our premises. Postage and packing charges are the responsibility of the Winning Bidder.

Once in receipt of your item, the Winning Bidder has up to 10 days to return the item to us but ONLY if the item does not match the description listed on eBay or any specific information you gave us about the item was incorrect or false. It is therefore important that you make full and accurate disclosure to us any detail you would like us to include to prevent items being returned. After the Return Period, we will transfer the Final Selling Price of your goods less our Commission and Charges to your nominated bank account or send you a cheque. Please be aware that the entire process from listing your items to you receiving funds from us could take up to 30 days.

In the event any of your items are not sold, we may offer them for auction for a further period of between 5 and 10 days at our discretion at no extra charge. For Premium Auctions we will consult you first before proceeding and, if you agree for the item to be re-listed, further charges may apply.

In the event your items remain unsold after the second listing we will notify you and you must collect these items from our premises within 10 days or authorise one of the following; (for us to dispose of the goods on your behalf and charge you for doing so at local council tipping rates or for us to donate these items to a charity of our choice.
If we have not received any instructions from you within this 10-day period, the unsold items will be disposed of or donated to a charity of our choice without any further authorisation from you.

We charge the following Commission for auctioning your goods on eBay (or other websites):


25% of the Final Selling Price + VAT for most items – any amendment to this will be notified to you in writing prior to placing the items for sale.

The minimum Commission payable will be £5 + VAT per item sold, regardless of the Final Selling price.


Disclaimer :
Collectables R Us Ltd are acting as a Consignee of your goods and makes no representations or warranties in connection with this Agreement or the services performed and products provided related to this Agreement. Products and services provided under this Agreement are provided “as is” and without warranty, express, implied or statutory. Collectables R Us Ltd specifically disclaim all implied warranties, including but not limited to the implied warranties of title, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

Collectables R Us Ltd are not liable for any special, indirect, incidental, consequential or punitive damages that may arise from or in connection with this Agreement, their performance of this Agreement or the sale of your item. In no case shall Collectables R Us Ltd be liable for actual damages in excess of the Final Selling Price of your items, less our Commission and Fees.

This is the complete Agreement between the Parties. There are no oral terms. This Agreement is not assignable by you.

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